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Tijarat AB’s Textile & Clothing

Tijarat AB acts as the reliable and ethical sourcing office for the clients all across globe. We are linked with the dependable and standardized suppliers in Asia and Africa. The liaison and relationship build in a decade has helped to offer the services with confidence and trust.

Apart from core services that are specific to orders placed, we also invest our time and resources in nurturing continuous improvement in process, people and product.


Casual Clothing

We have the developed resources for the procurement of the casual clothing for all seasons and designs.

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Promotional Clothing

With the presence of clear set of suppliers in every category, we are able to provide every kind of promotional textile or clothing, you require.

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Specialized Clothing

We are the specialist in meeting the needs of industrial and hospitality industries.We believe in Quality.

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We are also providing the sustainable and organic accessories.We lead the industry with modern and creative designs.

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Tijarat AB’s Health & Beauty

Breathing is the sign of life for every human being  and it is quite strange that the people living in cold areas (Russia, Nordic, Canada etc) face respiratory problems due weather.  As per the research 50% of the human face different types of respiratory problems including (allergies and asthma).  Recently, the problem has been increased as the rate of asthmatic patients have been increased in these areas. This problem could be resolved by many things but the natural solution in this matter would be preferred by the inhabitants.

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Health & Beauty

Salt & Minerals

We have the salt lamps for different live able areas i.e. homes, offices, shops, gyms and spas.

Benifits of Lamps
Scientific Research
Places to use lamps


Create the glamorous looks and indulgent experiences our customers have come to expect in one of our Shear Beauty salons.

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Our Procurement Process

      • Design & Development
      • Strict Quality Control System
      • Logistics & Distribution
      • Lowest MOQ
      • Warehousing
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What Client’s Say

It was great working with Tijarat AB due to their excellent outsourcing skills and friendly environment.

Margona, Alhpafemale

We have developed our website from Tijarat AB. It was delivered on time and without any bugs and errors.

Timmy, Bedros cleaning